Find the Perfect Car for 2021  

How do you find the perfect car in 2021? Consider the following factors before you start shopping around.

Adapting to the Local Driving Environment

Your new vehicle should have the appropriate features for optimum handling on local roads. If you live in a region with frequent precipitation, a crossover SUV with an all-wheel drive is highly recommended for reliable performance. A typical AWD system improves traction on wet roads by adjusting the torque ratios between the front and rear axles. If you expect snow, ice, and sleet on a seasonal basis, get an SUV with an AWD system with specific modes for handling such conditions. Additionally, you might find several driving modes that optimize traction on off-road trails. Rain-sensing windshield wipers, heated exterior side mirrors, and fog lights are some other essential features that will help you adapt to inclement weather.

Digital Technology in the Cabin

If you own a smartphone, your new car should have a modern infotainment system that provides a handful of connectivity options. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are universal technologies that enable wireless connections with the world's most popular smartphones. Bluetooth and near field communication might also be available in some multimedia systems of new cars. If you demand reliable access to the internet on the road, look for an infotainment console with 4G LTE Wi-Fi.

Most multimedia platforms also come with signature mobile applications that include remote services, diagnostics, and other helpful features. Linking infotainment systems with external smart systems in homes and offices, Amazon Alexa is another innovative technology that's now widely available in new cars. If you're an audiophile, buy a new model that has a state-of-the-art sound system. Noise-canceling technologies and other acoustic-enhancing features are available for audio systems made by the world's leading brands.

Safety on the Road

The safety features in your new car could reduce stress behind the steering wheel. If you frequently navigate busy roads in cities, get a vehicle that's equipped with accident-mitigation technologies for forward, side and rear crashes. Autonomous braking with warning systems can prevent collisions with automobiles, pedestrians, and bicyclists during the day. If you want extra peace of mind for driving at night, buy a car with powerful front headlights with automatic adjustments. Some models even offer advanced sensors that detect pedestrians in low-visibility conditions. Additionally, consider a new vehicle's safety ratings from reputable sources, like the IIHS and NHTSA.