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Providing Recall Information and Service

Each year there are many instances of manufacturers issuing recalls for one of their vehicles. These recalls occur for both minor issues and major necessities. If safety is of concern to a manufacturer, the company will go to great lengths to fix the problem. Once you have been notified of a recall, it is your responsibility to follow through with the repair. If you neglect to have your vehicle checked and serviced, this could lead to some dangerous safety issues. When you bring your vehicle into Crown Nissan of Decatur, we can let you know if there are any current recalls issued for your model. If you would like additional information online, please contact us by way of the form below.

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What Should I Do If There is a Recall for my Vehicle?

Repairs and Recalls

You may have recently received a notification stating that there is an ongoing problem with your current vehicle. If you are wondering what to do next, let’s take a closer look. Keep in mind, recalls aren’t issued unless there is a need for something to be addressed. A repair might seem unimportant to you. That doesn’t mean that you should ignore the notification and continue driving your vehicle. There have been simple ignition issues that have a recall sent out for them. People who have neglected to address the problem have ended up in some scary and dangerous situations. Make sure that you give our dealership in Decatur a call if you have been notified of a recall. We’ll schedule an appointment right away so your vehicle is inspected and serviced.

Be sure to take a close look at the information that you were provided with by the manufacturer of your vehicle. Usually, the letter that you received will give you some sort of insight into what kind of repair will need to be done. You may even be informed on whether or not you should be driving your vehicle for the time being. If you would like additional information than what you were provided by mail, we here at Crown Nissan of Decatur should be able to give you some better insight into the current degree of safety for your vehicle. We find the safety of our clientele to be of the utmost importance.

Do I Have to Pay for Recall Repairs?

Diagnostics and Repairs

When a recall is issued, the manufacturer of the vehicle being recalled will be completely responsible for the necessary repairs. There are instances where parts are needed. These parts will be covered as well. Refunds may even be issued if you sought out service for your vehicle before the recall was officially placed. We know that your time is precious, and a recall is typically an inconvenience. When you contact us about a current recall, we will make sure that your vehicle is looked at, as soon as possible. We’ll have your vehicle fixed and back on the road in no time. Because we have the most up to date information available to us regarding all of the recalls that are currently of importance at our dealership, you can trust that we will provide you with all of the necessary details and service that you need to protect your investment. Not to mention, recalls will help protect you and your family.


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