Nissan Connect  

If you like to take your lifestyle on the road, the NissanConnect system is perfect for you. NissanConnect is a comprehensive and advanced package of safety features, conveniences, and amenities all rolled into one handy system. NissanConnect is easy to use with a Bluetooth-compatible device, a smartphone, and even a smartwatch. NissanConnect is offered on multiple Nissan models. If you drive a Nissan in a qualifying model year, NissanConnect may be included in the car you drive or available as an add-on feature.

Security and Convenience

Security and convenience is one component of the NissanConnect system. It can be activated easily using a compatible smartphone device or your smartwatch. You can also use the security and convenience features through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. No matter which method you choose, you'll unlock many useful amenities, including remote engine start and the ability to start your car from a distance on cold mornings. You have the option of connecting with a live assistant in case of an emergency and finding roadside assistance if necessary.

Nissan Connect

Entertainment and Information

The entertainment and information system available through NissanConnect is easy to set up and use with a Bluetooth-compatible device. The entertainment and information system provides easy access to your favorite music on the road through wireless Bluetooth pairing and smartphone support. After syncing your phone to your Nissan, you can also access your music library through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You have the option of tuning into satellite radio as well or listening to Google Play Music.


Nissan also includes an advanced navigation system in its NissanConnect bundle. The navigation feature is easy to use through the infotainment screen on your car. With voice command or the press of a button, you can get directions instantly and even find alternate routes if you're trying to avoid traffic, closed roads, accidents, and other mishaps on the road. The Nissan Navigation system provides real-time information to keep you informed as you drive.


The communication feature offered through NissanConnect also gives you the freedom to stay connected as you drive. With the communication system, you can pair your phone with your car to access Siri Eyes Free technology and hands-free Bluetooth. From there, you can make or accept phone calls, send hands-free text messages, and access other functions on your phone without having to take your hands off the wheel or eyes off the road.

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