Nissan Approves First Bi-Directional Charger for Nissan LEAF  

Nissan has confirmed that the Nissan Leaf will get bidirectional charging. It will be available in the United States. The feature will allow the Leaf to send electricity back to the grid. It won't affect the EV's warranty.

The company is expected to release more details about the bidirectional charging feature. Stay tuned in the coming weeks.

A New Look for Nissan

The Nissan Leaf finally gets bidirectional charging in the United States. The changes won't affect the owner's EV warranty.

It was confirmed by Nissan last week. The Leaf has been able to take in power from a charging station in one direction. That option has been available since it was introduced in 2010. But couldn't send power back to the grid. That changes with the new LEAF. It can be a power source for your home during a blackout or other emergency.

The only unit compatible with bidirectional charging is the Fermata Energy FE-15 charger. It is compliant with the UL 9741 standard.

The UL 9741 is a safety standard for electric vehicle charging systems. It covers the design, installation, and operation of charging systems for electric vehicles.

The Fermata Energy FE-15 charger is one of the first chargers to comply with UL 9741. It is a bidirectional charger that can charge both electric vehicles and batteries.

The Leaf has a CHAdeMO standard. It enables bidirectional charging from the beginning.

The Nissan Leaf-To-Home charging station was revealed in 2012.

It means that the Leaf is a two-way charger. It is an advantage for the Leaf. It could help homeowners save on electricity costs.

Nissan has continued to develop its Leaf-To-Home charging station. It has recently released a new version that is even more powerful. The new station can send up to 9.6 kW back to the grid.

Do you have an electric vehicle and are looking for a new way to charge it? You may be interested in the Nissan bi-directional Charger. It gives you more flexibility in how and where you charge your vehicle.

However, it is one catch: you'll need to buy a new charger if you want to use the bi-directional unit. The good news is that this new charger is not very expensive. It may be worth the investment if you want to be able to charge your EV in more places.

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Nissan is now offering bi-directional charging for the Leaf. It is an excellent option for people with multiple vehicles. It's also for people who want to charge an EV at home. Visit our dealership in Decatur, IL. We can teach you more about the Nissan bi-directional charger.