Nissan Maxima to be Discontinued mid-2023  

The Nissan Maxima, Nissan's best-selling passenger car, will be discontinued at the end of the 2022 model year. It was initially introduced in 2003 and is still one of the top-selling sedans in Northern America. The Maxima had some success throughout its long life; however, Nissan discontinued it due to plummeting sales since 2017.

The current generation of the Maxima was the first to sport a VQ engine, which is still used in other models by Nissan. The VQ30DETT had a maximum power output of 261 hp fitted with a six-speed automatic transmission. The QR series replaced the VQ engine in 2017; however, this replacement did not put a significant dent in the sales of the Maxima.

The Maxima's suspension and drivability have always been praised, as have its handling and maneuverability.

The Maxima was initially introduced to compete with other luxury sedans offered by some of the most prestigious car companies today, such as the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes C-Class. The Maxima was less famous than its rivals; however, it did manage to get some sales here and there.

The Nissan Maxima's discontinuation decision in mid-2023 follows the recent success of its crossovers, the Rogue and Pathfinder. Nissan has decided to focus on these vehicles to compete with other manufacturers in this segment, as crossovers are seen as more luxurious than sedans. The other reason is the plummeting sales since 2017 that have worsened every other year since then. The sales were consistent for the first few years before seeing a drastic drop in sales after the 2017 model.

The Maxima will be removed from every dealership throughout the country after mid-2023. The 2017 model was the last year it was produced, and it will most likely be an extremely limited edition, given that production is due to end by then.

According to Nissan, however, there is a rumor that we might see a comeback of the Maxima In the future. There are also high chances that it might be fully electric and a heightened sports sedan that will look like more of a crossover than a car.


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