Nissan Electric Vehicle Models for 2022  

Nissan reminds the world that now is the perfect time to "go electric." 2022 is a crossroads for many people, a time when they decide the trajectory for the rest of life. Nothing makes the ride so smooth and efficient as a 2022 Nissan LEAF. This highly reliable and long-lasting electric model allows you to free yourself from the shackles of gasoline and move onto cleaner energy.

Clean and Efficient Nissan Electric Designs

All electric models are designed around the powertrain. We all know that it's the powertrain that makes these models so special. The LEAF gets two electric motors this year: a 110 kW version and a 150 kW version. Its horsepower ranges from 147 HP to 214 HP and also boasts up to 350 lb-ft of torque. So your Nissan LEAF starts things off right with an amazing range and performance.

That's not all there is to Nissan's electric models, though. They put a tremendous emphasis on the aerodynamics of the LEAF so that your drive becomes silky smooth and highly controllable. This one zips through traffic with agility and determination. You'll find aerodynamic design blossoming all around the model. It gets wind-diffusing side mirrors, an aerodynamic rear spoiler, and aerodynamic flat underbody panels. The design itself works beautifully with the electric motor to give you a sense of control and freedom in your life.

To charge the LEAF, you'll have the option for a quick charge port or a 6.6 kW onboard charger. It's as easy as 1-2-3 to get your Nissan LEAF fired up and prepared to tackle another day of life with you. Our customers gravitate toward the leaf because of its slick design, electric powertrain, and pure of heart performance. This was a vehicle that was made for the next generations of roads less traveled. You can explore your world, get ahead, and enjoy the ride along the way.

More Information about Nissan Electric Models

Our dealership wants you to get the most out of your next electric vehicle. Please contact us as soon as possible to learn more about Nissan's long and prestigious line of electric models. They're leading the way forward to an easier way of life for so many people. Imagine a day when you don't have to stop at the gas pump or worry about messy fill-ups. That day is just ahead for you. Feel free to contact us or visit our dealership to know more.

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