Summer Maintenance Tips  

When you're spending more time on the road in the summer season as you travel and explore different destinations, your car should be in good shape to ensure you stay safe and don't get stranded. You can visit our auto center in Decatur to get your vehicle ready for the coming season as you use it more. There are a few summer maintenance tips to follow for added peace of mind and to avoid repairs that may be needed.

Oil Change

Changing your oil is essential when you're getting ready to travel more and add more miles to your car. This is necessary because the oil can fail to flow properly when it's affected by the heat. Replacing the oil will allow all the parts and components in the engine to operate better for improved performance.

Car Battery Test

Testing your car battery is essential to determine how much power it has left before you plan to head out on long drives and road trips. If the battery is at least three years old, it's likely reaching the end of its lifespan. You'll also want to look for any parts that have corrosion and rust, which is a sign the battery needs to be replaced.


Checking the air pressure in your tires is vital to keeping your car planted on the ground, especially if you drive on wet surfaces during a summer hurricane. Look at the tread to determine how much is left and if the tires look bald. A mechanic may need to rotate the tires or even replace them, depending on their condition. Adding more air to the right level is also necessary to ensure that tires don't develop excess and premature wear that is easy to avoid.

Fluid Levels

Examine your car's fluid levels because they can fluctuate when they're exposed to high temperatures outside. The coolant is important to check because it's responsible for keeping your engine cool while driving around. You'll also want to look at the transmission and power steering fluid. The wiper fluid should also be topped off to ensure you can continue to see clearly through the windshield and keep the glass clean on long drives.

Reach out to our auto service department today to ensure you can get the necessary maintenance on your vehicle before you start to use it more throughout the season. We'll improve your car's performance and help it to run better before it spends time in the heat.