Brake Service Tips

Video Description: Determine the difference between good and bad brake fluid levels and find out when you should have your brakes inspected by watching this video.

If you've only ever thought of tire rotations and oil changes as the most important automotive services for your car, then you've been missing out on some pretty vital assessments. One of the biggest is brake inspections, which are absolutely essential to the overall safety of your vehicle. Continue reading below to find out why!

Why Is Brake Service So Necessary?

Not sure why you need to get regular brake inspections in Decatur? Well for starters, it's best to understand exactly how brakes work and how even one little part can affect the entire complex system.

Basically, your brakes are made up of several parts, including brake pads, calipers, rotors and a brake hose. When a driver presses down on the brake pedal, it sends brake fluid through the hose to the calipers, which then press down on the spinning rotor, stopping the car.

To avoid damage to both the calipers and the rotors, brake pads are attached to the ends of the calipers, so that the metal parts do not meet.

What Happens If I Don't Get Regular Inspections?

Nissan Brake Pads If you don't bring your car in for regular brake checks (usually every 10,000 miles or so), then you run the risk of missing early problems that can be easily fixed, turning them into much bigger problems that are much more extensive and costly.

An example of this would be your brake pads, which wear down over time, causing them to be less effective in protecting both your brake calipers and your rotors. If your brake pads are too thin, then your calipers are going to start digging a trench into your rotors, causing your brakes to be less safe.

Where Can I Find Affordable Nissan Brake Repair Near Me?

Reliable and affordable brake service is right here at Crown Nissan. Our certified service center boasts factory-trained technicians that understand the mechanics of many makes and models, ensuring that you'll get the right kind of service and repair you need with us.

Schedule your next brake service appointment at Crown Nissan of Decatur today. We look forward to serving you soon!


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