What Services Does Your Maintenance Department Cover?

Our maintenance department covers routine items like oil changes, multi-point inspections, tire rotations, alignment of your vehicle, checking fluid levels and filter changes. We also perform a variety of repairs and warranty work for your vehicle.

Is There a Warranty on Parts Used During Service?

When we perform service on your vehicle that requires a new part of some sort, we source all of our items straight from the manufacturer. There are many benefits to using OEM parts. Not only are they guaranteed to fit properly and work well, but many of the OEM parts that a manufacturer provides will come with their own warranty. If anything goes wrong in the future, you won’t be responsible for the cost. Not all parts come with a warranty. We can let you know if the part your vehicle needs will be covered.

Will My Warranty Cover My Repairs?

Your average Nissan warranty covers a lot of different items that exist between your two bumpers. If it turns out that something is defective or in need of repair, this warranty usually kicks in. There are a number of items that won’t be covered, however. Anything that needs service or maintenance because of daily use doesn’t constitute warranty coverage. You’ll need to inquire about a specific service to find out if it will be covered by your warranty.

Do You Service Vehicles From Other Brands?

We have the knowledge and ability to service vehicles from many different brands. Just be aware, a lot of warranties require you to seek service from a specific dealership that will honor the warranty. Otherwise, we are happy to help you with your routine service or repair needs.

Do I Need an Appointment, or Can I Just Show Up?

If you’re on a time restraint, we recommend that you have an appointment set up ahead of time. Appointments help us ensure that everyone is getting in and out in a timely fashion. If you happen to be near the dealership when your check engine light comes on or you get a flat tire, we welcome you to stop in anytime.

How Often does Nissan Recommend an Oil Change?

We recommend that you get your oil changed approximately once every 6 to 12 months. The exact time frame depends on the oil you had us use, how much you’ve driven your vehicle recently, etc. If you aren’t sure how often you should be getting an oil change, contact us or consult your owner’s manual. We’ll get you set up with a maintenance schedule that you can follow.

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