How to Use the Nissan Titan Diesel Trailer Brake Controller

The Nissan TITAN towing capacity is an excellent reason to maximize its total performance value. If you’re fortunate enough to have a Trailer Brake Controller (TBC) for your TITAN, then you have a first-rate device to assist you with a safe and effective way to apply the brakes when towing a trailer.

  • Two Operating Modes – Two Distinct Advantages
  • The TBC– has two operating modes – automatic and manual.

The standard operating mode is automatic and applies the trailer’s electric brake simultaneously when you apply the brake pedal in your TITAN. To use the manual method, you need to clamp the manual control levers together from within the cab. Clamp the levers towards the center, from an east and west position. The closer that you clamp them together, the more pressure is applied to the trailer brakes.

How Does the Automatic Mode Work?

The TBU automatic mode is set based on the gain and boost settings determined by you. When the brakes are applied, the automatic setting that you’ve established is immediately activated. The automatic mode provides you with greater assurance that you have more control over the trailer. While the parameters are fixed, you also have the flexibility to adjust them at any time based on the weight load of your trailer. The gain plus and gain minus settings are used to precisely customize the braking force by increasing or decreasing the pressure. The user-friendly buttons are as easy as turning up or down your TITAN sound system. The braking force for the trailer ranges from zero to ten when in automatic mode only.

How Does the Manual Mode Work?

The TBU manual mode is designed to give you hands-on ability from within the cabin to apply the trailer brakes instantaneously. The mode is only activated once you initiate the control lever to provide the braking output power to the trailer. Since the activation does not occur when applying the brake pedal, there are two distinct advantages - When navigating your trailer through different terrains and in emergency situations, such as if the brakes fail in your TITAN.

How To Activate The Boost Settings?

Although a typical heavy load is set at six, the boost setting is available for changes to be made. You can also change the boost setting if you want the trailer to have the hierarchy when the truck brakes are applied. The boost setting for an empty trailer is typically reduced substantially. The boost setting is located between the gain minus and gain plus buttons. The boost setting is changed by first pressing the boost button once. At that time, the current configuration will be displayed to you, for three seconds. While you’re continuing to push the boost button, increase the boost setting to the desired level that you want, which is between zero and three.

A boost setting of zero will give your trailer a setting of zero and increases when both the trailer and the TITAN slow down. A boost setting of one provides a braking force of fourteen percent for the trailer and increases when the TITAN decelerates. The configuration of two or three will provide a braking force of 25 percent and improves when the TITAN decelerates. It’s essential to refer to all safety measures, system limitations, and the additional towing capacity information that is available based on your specific load.

If you have any questions about how to operate your TBU, please reach out to the staff at Crown Nissan of Decatur. Customer satisfaction is a high priority for our dealership. Our mission has remained the same for decades, and we’re committed to providing top-notch service to our customers.

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